How much will it cost?

Location, track to be built, quality and availability of dirt, equipment rental costs, property layout, etc., are all variables which are taken into consideration when determining a price for a build.

Do you travel to do tracks?

Yes, OTC is a worldwide operation.

Does OTC supply the equipment or are we responsible?

OTC supplies all of the equipment necessary for the track construction. We are affiliated with all major rental companies nationwide, which assures us that we will get the exact machines necessary for a productive job.

How long will the building process take?

A typical track takes 3-5 days to complete.

When can we ride the track?

We recommend letting the track site for at least a few days before you ride it. This really varies on the moisture that is in the soil when we build the track.

How will my property look when you are done?

When we are finished you will easily be able to drive equipment around the track with no trouble.  Ex: water truck, tractor, mower. We leave no big clumps of dirt or sod lying around. The entire property will get a once-over with a track skidsteer to knock any imperfections down an ensure proper drainage.

Where do you get the dirt?

90% of the time we get the dirt onsite. In a flat area we are able to get dirt by cutting the grade down to generate enough soil to create the jumps and elevation changes you are looking for. We also build the lanes of the track up slightly so that the water runs off the track and gives you the most ride time possible.  If you would like we can also dig a pond/ponds to generate soil for the track.